After a year and a half I have the great opportunity to visit a unique place: The first raw pastry shop in the world is in Rome. I met Vito Cortese, founder and executive chef together with Nicola Salvi, in order to learn something more about this wonderful world. Health and Taste are the key words of GREZZO’s philosophy, a real paradise for lactose intolerants, celiacs, vegans, health fanatics, gourmand people.

Almond milk, main ingredient for a lot of sweets is prepared daily is the lab while all the others comes from  selected Bio certified farmers. Quality is basic. First I try soft, raw chocolate with a taste like chocolate milk. Fabolous. Raw cocoa paste, cocoa butter, coconut sugar and vanilla. Voilà.

Whilst Patrizia shows me colorful cheese cakes, brownies and cookies, my eyes goes to icecream. The sweetness is intense, consistency is like velvet and taste is Wow! I fell in love with it. Vito told me that this is the last version after a series of tests. Cashews, almond milk, coconut sugar…Blending is the secret.

At Grezzo everything is made, wrapped and packaged by hand with love and respect for mother earth and all her guests. It is the intention of Grezzo to create products which reflect all that is righteous and to provide a service to the world that speaks a message.

A franchising net is coming , thanks God! Grezzo is a place where your soul finds itself.



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